Launched in 2010,  Bayside Rocks Festival was designed to cater to all genuine cultural expressions of music and the arts. It has been well received by persons of eclectic tastes who hail from all walks of life. Bayside Rocks Festival is an exhibition of vision for the arts, and for the creative expressions of the community. As a developing cultural celebration and explosion, Bayside Rocks Festival steadfastly maintains its cultural presence as its foundation in today’s rapidly changing market.



Bayside Rocks Festival

Bayside Rocks Festival 2010 was a phenomenal event with over 8,000 paid patrons attending Bayfront Park, with amazing artists such as Bunny Wailer, Toots and the Maytals, Steel Pulse, Cultura Profetica, Midnite and Marcia Griffiths taking the stage whilst community partners enjoyed showcasing their products to Miami’s melting pot diaspora thus reaching their target market with excellent rewards.


The popularity of the the Bayside Rocks Festival 2010 reached a crescendo during the year of 2010 with thousands of people from all walks of life and of varying eclectic tastes coming together to celebrate and promote cultural awareness and consciousness. Music performances and exhibits from the area’s top local artists bannered the festival.



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