Miami Reggae Festival 2014 will be held at Sun Life Stadium on Saturday November 22nd from 2pm to Midnight. At the festival we will be fusing Music, Art, Yoga, Food and Green Living from around the world in an effort to raise awareness on extreme poverty. This festival is always socially conscious, family friendly, fun filled, and shares a positive message that hopefully takes you to new heights. We invite you to join us in daring to be totally awesome!



Miami Reggae Festival

Miami Reggae Festival has grown to be the premiere international multicultural music and arts festival in South Florida. Through the Festival, we live not by looking at each other, but by looking together towards the same direction. In its fifth-year, the time is now to catapult the mission of Rockers Movement to center stage and grow both visibility and philanthropically.


Miami Reggae Festival promotes the importance of cultural diversity. It fuses yoga, food, arts, and entertainment from around the world in an effort to raise awareness about extreme poverty. Families will enjoy live performances of artists from various parts of the world who are reflective of the South Florida landscape. An artisan village, a food village, yoga demonstrations, and social consciousness workshops are just a few of the highlights.


In addition to this, there will be an Ecology Experience geared towards children that offers interactive and educational games to teach them about recycling, reusing and reducing. The festival will also feature live art, and a networking platform for non-profit organizations and green enthusiasts.


Miami Reggae Festival 2

Founder Alfonso D'Niscio Brooks says: "Art illuminates life and music has always had the power to unite, inspire, and stir the human soul." Miami Reggae Festival has become South Florida's premiere multicultural music and arts festival recognized for its international appeal and audience. It expresses our hopes and dreams of a world in which we recognize our commonalities are far greater than factors that divides us.


The Festival unites Miami's diverse communities bringing awareness to poverty alleviation with a most welcoming mandatory food donation by all patrons that will be redistributed locally and internationally to families who otherwise cannot afford it. Thank you for contributing allowing many to enjoy a meal for Thanksgiving and beyond.


Rockers Movement is proud to promote the Zero Waste Initiative at the Festival. Yes, we are going green. In a committed effort towards sustainability, the Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle to Renew the health of our planet model is used to prevent trash and organic materials from going into landfills and incinerators, which in turn diverts tons of waste and greatly reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


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