Miami Reggae Festival has grown to be the premiere international multicultural music and arts festival in South Florida. Through the Festival, we live not by looking at each other, but by looking together towards the same direction. heading into its sixth year, the time in nver more important to catapult the mission of Rockers Movement to center stage and grow both visibility and philanthropically.



Miami Reggae Festival

Miami Reggae Festival promotes the importance of cultural diversity. It fuses music, food, arts, and culture from around the world to raise awareness in an effort to bring an end to extreme poverty. During the  festival families enjoy live performances of artists from various parts of the world who are reflective of the South Florida landscape.


Food For The Poor would like to thank Rockers Movement and their supporters for channeling their passion for music to raise awareness about the critical needs of the poor,' says Angel Aloma, Food For The Poor’s Executive Director.' Your compassion and generosity will help us triumph over hunger. When organizations with a common goal come together to serve, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.





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